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Individual bank safe boxes in the branch on St. R. Okipnoi, 4

Today, the new depository of Agroprosperis Bank started working in branch №5 near the Livoberezhna metro station, where you can profitably rent individual safe boxes for reliable protection of your valuables.

A bank cell in Agroprosperis Bank is:

  • Affordable price from UAH 13/day and no commissions;
  • Convenient sizes of the box with a height of 7 to 24 cm;
  • Flexible terms from 15 to 730 days;
  • Certified storage with the latest safety and security systems.

Read more information in the section Individual safe boxes.

New bank safe boxes are located in department №5:

  • Address: Kyiv, str. R. Okipnoi, 4, next to st.m. Livoberezhna.
  • Phone: 044 392 93 98 (according to the tariffs of your operator).
  • Hours of operation: Monday through Thursday from 9:00 to 18:00, Friday from 9:00 to 16:45.

If it is important to you to protect your money, jewelry, important documents or works of art from theft, fire or simply access by others, then a smart choice is a bank box, the price of which starts from only 13 UAH per day. A bank box is complete privacy and reliable protection of your valuables at a good price!

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