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Even higher profitability with the Mriya card

Even higher profitability with the Mriya cardFrom now on, get up to 11% per annum on daily balances with the Mriya card from Agroprosperis Bank!

Money is available to you 24/7 - withdraw any amount at any time and still receive a guaranteed income for each day that the funds were in the account, without any restrictions on the minimum amount in the account or mandatory transactions.

And with the Mriya card FREE for you:

  • issuance and maintenance of the card
  • cash withdrawal at any ATM in Ukraine
  • card replenishment
  • non-cash payments in the retail network and the Internet
  • and more

With the Mriya card, it is convenient to spend, easy to save and, most importantly, money is always at hand. A safe and profitable solution in this difficult time!

Order a card online on the website, get it in a branch in a matter of minutes and earn up to 11% annual passive income!

Learn more and order on the Mriya card page.

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