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Place a Contribution to Victory deposit and help the Armed Forces together with Agroprosperis Bank

Every Ukrainian is working on his front to bring peace closer, and we all want to do more.  New Charitable Deposit "Contribution to Victory" from Agroprosperis Bank is another opportunity to contribute to the victory of Ukraine. 

You place a "Contribution to Victory" Deposit in Agroprosperis Bank, and we both make a charitable contribution to the strengthening of our Army.

How does it work?

Interest in advance: you receive the full income on the deposit for the entire period of its validity immediately when placing a deposit.

 Joint contribution to the Armed Forces: 10% of the paid income on the deposit you transfer to a special account of the NBU to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and 100% of the amount transferred to the charitable assistance by the bank clients the Bank monthly transfers to a special account from its own funds.

 Deposit terms that are convenient for you:

  •  term from 1 to 24 months
  •  yield from 7% to 11% per annum in UAH
  •  deposit amount from 1000 hryvnias


Read more detailed information on our website.

 We believe in the Ukrainian Armed Forces and make a joint contribution to the Victory of Ukraine!

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