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Charity project

Visa and the WOG gas station chain launched the "Dobropalyvo" charity project, the purpose of which is to support volunteers of the "ENJOYING LIFE" charity fund with fuel.

Since the beginning of the war, the "ENJOYING LIFE" charitable foundation has been delivering humanitarian goods throughout Ukraine, helping in the evacuation of victims and providing everything necessary to those who need it.

How to join?

  • fill up your own car at the WOG gas station or simply drink a delicious coffee;
  • "suspend" a certain number of liters of fuel by informing the operator at the checkout
  • pay for the purchase of charity liters of fuel with cash or a bank card;
  • all "suspended" charity liters for which Visa cards will be paid, the WOG network and the Visa company will double at their own expense.

The offer is valid from October 20, 2022 to November 30, 2022, and you can find out the details at visa.com.

Let's be caring - let's support volunteers who are always ready to help.

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