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Agroprosperis Bank has received licenses for professional trading in securities

On March 17, 2020, the National Securities and Stock Market Commission took a decision No. 122 on the issue of licenses to Agroprosperis Bank for conducting professional trading of securities in the stock market.

Agroprosperis Bank licenses provide the right to perform professional brokerage and dealer activities, in particular providing  the following services:

  • conducting transactions of purchase and sale of securities on the stock exchange and over-the-counter market by concluding civil contracts on behalf of the bank on its own behalf and at its own expense;

  • purchase and sale of sovereign bonds of Ukraine;

  • comprehensive brokerage services for clients (purchase, sale, exchange of securities, including sovereign bonds on client's behalf);

  • services to non-resident investors in buying and selling securities of Ukrainian issuers;

  • securities advisory services;

  • other services provided by law.


More information is available on the NCSSMC website.

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