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16.5% per annum on a deposit for 3 months

If you want your savings to bring you additional income, but are not ready to invest them for the long term, short-term bank deposits will be a reasonable choice in this situation. Such short-term deposits will allow you to multiply funds and quickly respond to market changes.

The highest short-term rates apply to the Classic+ deposit in hryvnia:

  • 16.5% per annum for 3 months
  • 15% per annum for 1 month

You can increase the rate by another +0.25% in case of placing a deposit in the amount of UAH 100,000 or more or presenting a pension certificate.

If you decide to extend the deposit for the next term, you will receive a bonus of +0.5% to the rate in effect at the time of extension.

Read more about deposit conditions on the deposit page. Save wisely at Agroprosperis Bank with American capital.

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