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Brand new Porsche electric car for payment in ATB with a Visa card from Agroprosperis Bank

If you dream of a new car or electric transport, pay with a Visa card and get a chance to own a Porsche Taycan electric car and other great gifts.

Until 30.08.2021, pay with a Visa card from Agroprosperis Bank for any purchases in ATB including partner goods in the amount of UAH 250 or 500 with one check, register the promo code from the check on the energy.atbmarket.com website and win cool gifts.

The main prize is a brand new Porsche Taycan, as well as 10 more Nissan Leaf electric cars, electric scooters, scooters, bicycles, 500 mobile batteries and a guaranteed Comfy certificate for each participant.

Issue a Visa Savings Card from Agroprosperis Bank free of charge, make profitable purchases and win valuable gifts!


Savings card

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