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Get involved in good deeds at Christmas Kurazh

On the weekend of December 16 and 17, visit the special space of Christmas Kurazh to immerse yourself in the spirit of the traditional Ukrainian holiday and join good deeds with a Visa card from Agroprosperis Bank.

Pay with your Visa card during the event and as a result:

  • your donations to the charity collection will be doubled;
  • when paying for an entrance ticket, you can use the Fast Track service, and Visa will transfer an additional UAH 50 to the charity collection;
  • during contactless payments, exchange a check from UAH 500 for exclusive Kurazh&Visa merchandise and keep a warm memory of "Christmas Kurazh".

Each location of Kurazh has the possibility of contactless payment. Also, with the assistance of Visa, the space is equipped with inclusive changing rooms and a ramp, and a sign interpreter has been invited.

The organizers take care of your safety: in the event of an air raid, the event is stopped, and all guests are invited to go to the nearest shelter.

Address: Garage, Kyiv, str. Mezhyhirska, 82

Details: visa.com.ua

Feel the holiday and the joy of doing good together with the Visa card from Agroprosperis Bank!

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