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With the MRIYA card, it is convenient to spend, easy to save and, most importantly, money is available to you 24/7 without any restrictions.

Get up to 8% per annum on daily balances and make cashless payments, withdraw cash at any ATM in Ukraine and transfer funds using arbitrary details all free of charge. At the same time you can withdraw any amount at any time and you will still receive a guaranteed full income for each day that the funds were on the account.

Fill out an online application for the card, accept a call from the bank and receive a card at a branch in a few minutes. And you already earn up to 8% of income!


Online application

What are the planned sources of funds on the card?*
Family income
Funds received as a loan
Social benefits
From the sale of property

Yes No
Are you a director, founder or member of a legal entity?*
Do you own real estate or valuable movable property?*
Do you belong to politically exposed persons, members of their families or related persons?*

For an ID card - images of both sides of the passport and the certificate of residence, for an internal passport booklet - 1-5 pages and pages with marks of the place of registration, for a foreign passport - the front page with all data
Image of a tax certificate or a page of the passport with information on tax number or on refusal of tax number

By clicking Submit you consent to the processing of your personal data and confirm that you acknowledge and agree with the terms of public offer

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