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Rules on the bonus program "Bonus to the deposit for the summer"


1. The bonus program "Bonus to the deposit for the summer" is valid for an individual term deposit "Deposit for the summer" and applies to any term and amount of the deposit.

2. The amount of the bonus is +0.5% of the annual interest rate in effect at the time of deposit.

3. To receive the bonus to the interest rate, you have to send an application I want a bonus to the summer deposit of the appropriate form on the "Deposit for summer" page on the official website of the bank, in which you must specify your:

- full name;

- mobile phone number.

4. To apply for the bonus program, you need to contact the bank branch to make a deposit "Summer Deposit" and be sure to inform the manager before placing the deposit about the application "I want a bonus for the Summer Deposit" on the bank's website, your name and phone number specified in the application.

5. The bonus will be applied if the actual data are fully consistent with those sent in the application.

6. The bonus program is valid from June 20, 2022 till 31.07.2022р. including. Applications sent before 31.07.2022, but not used by the client, will be terminated from 01.08.2022 due to the expiration of the bonus program.


I want a bonus to the Deposit for the Summer 

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