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Become an agent


Become an agent of Agroprosperis Bank and earn extra income simply by offering banking products to your friends and relatives. You will receive a reward for individual and business time deposits.


You can become an agent if:

  • you are 21 years old
  • you are an individual or a sole proprietor who, in accordance with the registration documents, is entitled to "ancillary activities in the field of financial services, except insurance and pensions" (NACE code 66.19).
  • you are not a civil servant or a person related to them, you do not receive state social benefits, and you are not a bank employee, his relative or other associate.


Apply in a convenient way:


Become an agent:

  • Open a current account in Agroprosperis Bank
  • Provide documents - copies of passport and registration number of the taxpayer's account card, financial monitoring questionnaire, extract from the USR (for sole proprietors)
  • Sign a cooperation agreement with the bank


File an application for customer attraction:

  • at agent@ap-bank.com
  • until the client makes a deposit
  • indicating the name and telephone number of the client


Receive your reward:

  • according to current tariffs
  • to a current account opened with Agroprosperis Bank


Tariffs from 19.05.2021

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